Face Off
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Omar G

2005-08-07 02:11:02

Headless humans and tummy aches

Today's strip asks you to suspend what you think of beheadings for just a moment -- not that they are horrifying international news letting us know exactly where we stand on the world stage -- but rather that funny shit that used to happen in horror movies to teens that got too frisky at summer camp.

Let's take BACK beheadings, people. Beheadings used to be cool, not a big world news bummer. If we let the terrorists be the only people getting anything out of beheadings, we will have let them won. What are you? French? Don't let that shit happen!

So, anyways...

There's a reason the strip is being posted late at night on Monday instead of way early, and it's not even the computer issue anymore. True, the sputterings of PJ's computer were a factor -- he brought his rig (not named "Chester," but it's a nice thought) to my house. I connected my wife's mouse, monitor and keyboard to his chassis and we did a little diagnosing, playing with RAM sticks, going into the BIOS, all that funky shit. We even downloaded a memory test that only runs in the confines of a 3.5" boot disc! Yeah, we bad muthafuckas! But apart from deciding that PJ's RAM might be bad, we were no closer to fixing the glitch than when he brought his "PC" over.

Then he gets home, plugs shit in, and it works perfectly, like it was some sort of goddamned mocking lobster.

So, long story short, PJ's computer is now in working order.

Then he gets almost-appendicitis! He tells me that he has stomach pains that are moving around in his chest cavity. So it's either his appendix or some H.R. Giger beastie. Yet PJ struggles through like a young Emmitt Smith and finishes the comic. So bravo. I haven't checked on him, though. That beastie may have burst through his ribs by now.